Pain Management & Acupuncture

We experience many kinds of pain in life. Some are temporary, some are chronic. Sometimes pain is sharp, sometimes pounding and sometimes tingling. Ten different people can experience ten different types of pain. Sometimes, it can be severe enough to seek medical help. Pain is a major concern in our daily life.

Back Pain

  • Back pain is the most common pain among men and the second most common pain in women. According to a 2017 survey conducted by the Japanese Health & Labor ministry, the number of cases is increasing. In 15% of the cases, there is a clear cause to the pain, often determined to be compression fractures, herniated discs, lumber spinal stenosis and so on. The remaining 85% of cases cannot be diagnosed from X rays and other examinations. These cases are related to mental condition, such as everyday stress, anxiety and insomnia.

  • Back pain whose cause cannot be determined can get worse and become chronic. Below are possible causes in some back pain cases.
    - Soft tissue or muscle injury
    - Staying long hours in the same position at work, lack of exercise, obesity, bad circulation
    - psychological and sociological stress
    - Stressful working conditions, family issues, anxiety, insomnia
    - nervous system disorder

  • Chronic back pain condition can have multiple root causes, like inflammation of the muscles, a nervous system disorder and even mental and social issues mixed together. When people become inactive due to pain, they become stressed and develop sluggish circulation. This leads to sensitiveness to pain and pain gets worse, leading to even more inactivity. This is a vicious cycle.
    Mental stress and sluggish circulation
    Acupuncture treatment not only helps with pain relief, but interrupts this vicious cycle by suggesting proper stretches and exercise to promote a healthier life style designed to ease the condition and prevent future reoccurrences.


  • Sciatica results in symptoms of tingling pain due to a compressed nerve running from the lower back to legs. In many cases, this comes after back pain and pain can be in the buttocks, back of thighs, shins and toes.
    Sciatica can be caused by troubles in the lumber spine, such as hernia or direct compression on the sciatic nerve running across the buttocks. This often results from sports activity or injury.
    When you suspect sciatica, please consult a specialist first. X ray and CT exams help identify the cause of pain. Surgery is needed in some severe cases. When doctors cannot find a cause after western medical examinations, acupuncture can be a good alternative help.
    Some patients reported that the acupuncture approach to sciatica eased overall symptoms and pain better than the western medical approach, especially in cases with an unknown cause

  • Sciatica will be treated by giving direct stimulation to the affected muscle. This increases circulation and rebalances the autonomic nerve system. In addition, a pain relief hormone called endorphin is secreted in the brain to block the pain signal. Acupuncture also encourages the secretion of relaxation hormones like serotonin and positive hormones like oxytocin, removing fear or anxiety and relaxing muscles, which leads to a reduction in pain.

Other pain

  • Acupuncture can help with other kinds of pain as well, such as age-related knee pain, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, shoulder pain, post herpes pain, fibromyalgia, tingling hands and feet and even pre-pain conditions like distorted posture and stiffness.
    If you suffer from any of these conditions, please visit us. We will conduct a careful consultation with you to find the cause of the problem and treat your issues so you may achieve a well-balanced and healthy body.
    For those who do not experience any painful symptoms, acupuncture treatment can nevertheless be excellent pain prevention and serve as a great form of relaxation.

If you have any questions about our treatment, Please don't hesitate to contact us.