Menstrual / menopausal disorder

mechanism of female body

  • Most women have their period from their early teenage years to around 50 years old. During this time, women go through some drastic changes, which can also include pregnancy and delivery.
    The female body genernally experiences a 28-30 day period cycle. This is due to a change of hormone secretion. More estrogen to prepare for fertilization is secreted before ovulation and more progesterone is produced after ovulation to stabilize a pregnancy. These hormones not only affect women on periods and women who are pregnant, but also play a role in woman’s skin and overall health .

Acupuncture and Menstrual disorder

  • Many women have concerns like those listed below.

    • Anemia
    • Menstrual pain
    • Irregular/no menstruation
    • Pre menstrual syndrome
    • Irregular spotting
    • Discharge/itchiness
    • Dysmenorrhea

    About 90% of women suffer from menstrual pain, pre menstrual syndrome, excessive or weak blood discharge, irregular periods and other discomforts. Often, many of them do not seek help and try to solve these issues alone. Did you know acupuncture can heal these problems?

  • Stress and everyday life environment can have a strong effect on hormones and menstruation.
    The frigid temperature in an air conditioned room is a major cause of many health issues. The set temperature in most offices, public facilities and modes of transportation are too low for many women, who have less muscle to produce body heat. Bodies kept in low temperatures tend to have weaker reproductive systems, due to unbalanced hormone secretion.

  • It is important to recognize both internal and external factors that can affect your body to prevent future health trouble.

  • Much research has been carried out to see if acupuncture is an effective treatment for menstrual disorders and improvement has been noted in the points below.
    -Hormone balance
    -Improved blood supply to uterus and ovaries
    -Relaxed muscles
    -Stress relief
    -Relaxed mind

Menopausal disorder

  • It is the period of life when the female body stops ovulating. Generally this happens to women when they are around 50 years old. Some experience this in their early 40’s, some in their late 50’s and others in between. Five years before and after this transition (a total period of 10 years) is the period called menopause. As it comes close to menopause, hormone secretion can be irregular and the amount can change due to low activity in the ovaries. When a body struggles to keep up with this change, you see symptoms like hot flashes, irritation, anxiety, night sweats, etc. In recent years, late marriage and low birthrate are also suspected causes of worsening menopause symptoms. Women today have fewer pregnancies, which means more periods over the course of a lifetime. This is considered to affect ovary function.

Common symptoms

  • For women around 50, change can not only be seen in the body but also seen in the surrounding environment. Some have their children become adults, which is both an easing of the mind but can make them feel loss. Some start taking care of elders at home and experience increased stressed. These mental changes can affect a woman’s physical condition.
    Chronic complaints, like migrating pain and general aches and fatigue are caused by unbalanced hormones. This in some cases can lead to stress and depression.
    Other symptoms include hot flashes, sweating, palpitations, headaches, stiff shoulders, dizziness, irritation, depression, insomnia,

Menopause and Acupuncture

  • We carefully listen to patients and customize their treatments to help ease symptoms and heal conditions. We also instruct patients on at-home self -moxibustion application which helps to:
    -Rebalance hormones
    -Rebalance autonomic nerve system
    -Relax mind and body

If you have any questions about our treatment, Please don't hesitate to contact us.