Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture Treatment

“Staying young & beautiful “ is everyone’s wish, no matter their age or country of origin.
However facial skin aging is hard not to notice as we grow older. Efforts to look younger by strategically choosing certain clothes and make-up sometimes works to the opposite effect, and makes you look older or out of balance. Unlike esthetic treatment, acupuncture approaches the problem from the inside. Acupuncture stimulate cells, tissues, blood vessels and nerves to balance not only your skin’s condition but also inner body conditions. This encourages your body’s natural ability to heal itself, which can lead to anti-aging.

Expected effects

smaller face (more defined facial features)

  • Gravity pulls your skin down every moment. Long periods of time looking down at smartphones and working at a desk only add to this issue.
    Acupuncture treatment not only lifts up the skin, but also improves facial balance and diminishes laugh lines, or at least makes them less visible. Many start seeing fuller and suppler skin in a few days after treatment. Prolonged effect is seen with follow up treatments.

Improved blood circulation

  • The factors of bad blood circulation include stress, unregulated life style, lack of exercise, aging and more. A sluggish circulation slows metabolism down which causes a darkening of skin tone, dark circles and a pale look .
    By stimulation of blood circulation with acupuncture, your skin will gain a healthy glow and brighter skin tone, minimizing dark circles.

Improved neck and shoulder stiffness

  • Treating the face also helps stiff neck and shoulders. Acupuncture treatments relax muscles in the face, neck and shoulder area.
    Treatment on the whole body can relax muscles all over, releasing tensions from everyday work.


  • Stimulating the skin with needles activates cells that encourage the production of hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin and other chemicals whose production decreases with age. Furthermore, improved blood circulation and metabolism increase skin regeneration function. It also aids in distributing nutrients to cells, resulting in lifted and fuller skin with more moisture content.

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